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Financial Advice For Professionals & Businesses

Nevin Life and Pensions Ltd provide Financial advice on Pensions, Investments, Life and Income Protection products and on Deposits. Our advice is based upon our expertise and our years of experience of providing the very best Financial, impartial and unbiased financial advice to our growing client base. We constantly research products, services and prices to ensure that our advice is the most cost effective and comprehensive available. We take great pride in the knowledge that most of our business comes from satisfied customers who have recommended us to their colleagues, friends and family.

Over 30 Years In Business

Nevin Life and Pensions Ltd was originally established in 1978 by Gerry Nevin. The business was built through providing impartial and professional advice on Pensions and Life Assurance to individuals in the medical, professional and self-employed sectors, and to small businesses. The business was taken over by Frank Mitchell in December 2005. Kitty Deehan has continued with Nevin Life and Pensions Ltd and has been an integral part in the growth of the firm. We have continued to build on our founding principles of providing Financial, impartial and unbiased financial advice to our growing client base.

About Frank Mitchell

Frank came to Nevin Life and Pensions Ltd with a wealth of financial services and management experience after setting up and establishing Deacy Financial Services, the Financial Services arm of Deacy Concannon, Chartered Accountants (now Deacy Gilligan Ltd). Frank then purchased Nevin Life and Pensions Ltd from Gerry Nevin at the end of 2005. He had previously gained over a decade of invaluable financial knowledge and experience while working with KPMG, Norwich Union (now Aviva) and Friends First. Frank holds a B.A. (Hons) in Economics from NUI Galway and is a Qualified Financial Advisor.



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“I came to Nevin Life and Pensions as a result of a recommendation. Previous experience of financial advisors was not good. It was the first time someone explained to me the complexities of the GMS Pension scheme and benefits. I feel I am being really advised, in the sense of having the options under consideration accurately explained to me, but that nonetheless, the decisions taken are mine.”

– GP, County Galway

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