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Deposits – More Than Just The Best Rates

We can advise on the best deposit options available. We'll guide you through the fine details of the best rates, most suitable terms and different guarantees on offer.

Are you getting the best rate?

  • We can arrange deposits for our clients on the most favourable terms available.
  • We will advise on the best terms that suit you.
  • We review these rates for our clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Do you require access to your monies?
  • We have been approved as a Deposit Broker by the Central Bank of Ireland.

How does the deposit guarantee affect you?

  • We will explain the Deposit Guarantee Scheme and the Eligible Liabilities Scheme.
  • We will explain the options you have and how best to ensure your deposit is best protected.

Deposit rates are constantly changing

  • Whether an individual or a business, we can help by having direct access to all the major institutions, deposit rates and terms so we can maximise your return.

Deposit Options With Nevin Life & Pensions

At Nevin Life & Pensions we can help you find the best rate available with the term and access that suits you. We shall continue to advise of changing deposit rates and on changes in guarantees.

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