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Investing – Putting Your Money To Work

You've already worked hard for your money. By investing it you can get it working hard for you. But how and where should you invest? Risk management nowadays is the top priority for many.

The key issues we discuss are:

  • Your knowledge of the investment markets?
  • How much risk and volatility you can tolerate?
  • What access you require along the way?

We advise on Investment portfolios tailored to an individuals own needs and wishes which can include:

  • Cash Deposits and Deposit Instruments
  • Managed Funds
  • Mixed Portfolio Funds
  • Geographical Equity Funds
  • High Yielding Equity Funds
  • Property Funds
  • Geared Investment Vehicles
  • Alternative Funds including Currency, Commodity and Energy Funds
  • Ethical Investing


Know Your Goals

If you're looking to invest you need to think about what your investment goals are: a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, a new car, a second home or perhaps the chance to take early retirement. It is these goals which will influence the investments you choose, both in terms of your investment life-span and the level of risk you are prepared to bear in order to achieve your goal. No matter what your investment goal is, or what level of risk you're happy with, there are plenty of products and solutions out there from a wide range of providers. You can even begin investing with a small amount on a regular or lump sum basis and go on to invest more as you grow in confidence.

Golden Rules

When it comes to any form of investment there are a few golden rules:

  • Diversify - make sure that the money you invest is spread across a range of funds and asset classes.
  • Savings - keep some cash in a deposit account to which you have easy access. This can cover unplanned financial events and means you won't need to draw on your investments before they mature.
  • Information - the world of investments can be complex and often fast-moving. We will make sure that your investments are up-to-date, show you how your investment is performing and we will review your investments on a regular basis.

We Can Build An Investment Plan For You

At Nevin Life & Pensions we can help you define your investment goals, determine a balance of risk and reward you're happy with, and then talk you through your investment options. In this way we can build an investment plan that will help you achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be. We'll also continue to advise you of changing market conditions and opportunities as they arise.

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