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Your Pension, Your Way

Quite simply, a pension is a long term savings plan which is designed to give you an income and/or a tax-free cash lump sum when you retire. You pay money into a pension scheme and that money is then invested on your behalf until you retire.
Your pension options will vary depending on your employment status and your retirement expectations. The good news is that there are now more pension options than ever so there's bound to be a pension that we can tailor for you.

Personal Pension / PRSA - if you're self-employed or employed but not part of an employer's pension scheme, then a personal pension plan lets you plan for your retirement and enjoy the tax benefits.

Executive Pension - as a director or business owner you can provide for your retirement in a way that is separate from the fortunes of your business and takes full advantage of the generous tax benefits.

Company Pension - every employer has some form of pension obligation to its employees. There are numerous pension options that allow companies to meet their obligations and provide a mutually rewarding benefit for their staff.

Retirement Options - when you come to retirement we will show you how you can protect your retirement assets and income to ensure you and your family benefit in the most tax efficient way.


Tax Benefits Make A Big Difference

Of course there are other ways of planning for your retirement years, such as savings plans, property, deposit accounts and more. But the big advantage of using a pension to plan for your retirement is the tax benefits that pensions enjoy:

  • You get tax relief on your pension contributions
  • Your pension fund grows tax-free
  • You can take a tax-free lump sum when you retire.

We Can Help You Choose The Right Pension

At Nevin Life & Pensions we can work with you to identify your pension needs, review your options and then help you choose a pension that fits your circumstances and your retirement expectations. Then, as you approach retirement we can show you how to maximise the potential of your pension so that you enjoy your retirement to the full.

If you're an employer we can help you to plan, establish and administer a pension plan for you and your employees. We have many years' experience of reviewing company needs, advising on employer obligations and helping build and implement successful and rewarding company pension schemes.

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